Hypnotherapy is a gentle, non-invasive therapy using the art of relaxation, dialogue and effective techniques from a skilled hypnotherapy practitioner.  Hypnosis is the hypnotic trance state.  

Hypnosis is not something that is 'done' to you, it is more a state of mind that your therapist helps you to achieve in order for you both to access and reprogram your subconscious mind. In this altered state of consciousness you increase the ability to imagine and remember, to be creative and to respond to positive suggestion.

In the Hypnotic State, the doorway between the conscious and the subconscious is opened, memories become easily accessible, and new information is stored. In the Hypnotic State, you are not really "thinking" in the traditional sense. You are "experiencing" without questioning and without your conscious mind chattering away you are able to focus clearly.

Scientific evidence verifies that hypnosis is an effective technique that can promote and accelerate human change.


What Problems Respond to Hypnothereapy

The list is long, however here are just a few problems that respond wonderfully to hypnosis:

Stop Smoking - Weight Reduction - Self-Esteem enhancement - Fears and Phobias -  Panic Attacks - Nail Biting - Bed Wetting - Insomnia - Relaxation Confidence -  Motivation - Memory Enhancement - Sales and Professional Motivation

General Hypnosis: $90.00 for the first visit and $80.00 for subsequent visits. 


STOP SMOKING (Guaranteed) $295.00


GASTRIC BAND Hypnosis for Weight Loss $695.00

(4 weekly sessions) 



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