What is the Bio-compatible Program? 


ü  A revolutionary hair analysis test that offers an in-depth examination of your current health status.

ü A restorative program that is easily integrated in your existing lifestyle – so it’s easy to adopt.

ü  It is becoming wildly regarded as the essential analysis tool by going beyond treating the symptoms and offering a holistic approach to wellness.

ü  The bio-compatible program (derived from your test results) is NOT a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, but instead, it represents your individual requirements and responses.


What you will get! Information on the Test and Program


üFirst Consultation: FREE 15 minute consultation finding out how I can help you best and find out about your health issues.


üSecond Consultation: (can be done at the same session): I will explain more about the test and show you how it works. I will answer all of your questions and if you are going ahead with the program I take your hair sample and send it off to the testing centre. To get you started, I will give you a dietary sheet to take home with you to fill out over the next few days until your test result is back.


üThird Consultation: Bring the dietary sheet in with you to this consultation, when you pick up your bio-compatible test report. We then will go through your report and compare and work out you new eating routine; changing food choices as per test result. This becomes your regular diet during the 6 month program. I will explain how to use the ‘Progress Report’


üForth Consultation: (After about 4 weeks) At this visit, besides going through your ‘Progress Report’ with you, I will explain about the next step along your health journey. This will depend on how well your body has reacted to the program so far and most importantly how diligent and strict you have adhered to the program. At this consultation we might discuss about a cleansing/wellness program until retesting is recommended in about 6 month time.


ü Fifth Consultation: After 24 weeks. We will discuss your progress and talk about the retesting.



The cost of the above program including the Bio-compatible Hair Test is



Not interested in the program, but would like to get the test done?



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