MODERE.....Committed to a Cleaner Healthier World

While searching for safe cosmetic products I came across Modere products. What I had read on their website sounded exactly what I was looking for. So I decided to give them a go. After using some of their products for a while I was won over - I absolutely love them. This is why I introduced them on our website so you can learn to love them as well.

As a natural health practitioner I am always concerned what is in our skin care, bathroom and laundry products. We use those every day and often we don't think about what we put on our skin, brush our teeth or wash our cloths with - but maybe we should. Think of the environment as well- what is safe for us is safe for the environment.

I must say I will never go back to other products containing harmful ingredients.

Below is an excerpt for the Modere Website.

....We could have been content to bring you products that were safer, affordable and accessible; products that looked great and performed better – but there’s more to our story.

We believe as a company, we also owe you exacting levels of honesty, integrity, and transparency. We won’t accept compromise when it comes to your health and wellbeing, so we’ve taken an absolute stance against potentially harmful ingredients: SLS or phthalates. In fact, what we leave out of our formulas is of the greatest importance – we avoid over 3,000 scientifically dubious ingredients. It seems extreme to some, but we won’t put our name to any run of the mill formula or ingredient.

If it’s not pure, reliable and high-performing; it’s not Modere.

On every Modere product, you’ll see these symbols. They represent our commitment to bringing you safer cleaner products......

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Some of those products will be tested when you order the Bio-compatible Allergy Test (along with some of my Practitioner items). 

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